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(Challenges Lesbians Face when they first start dating and How to Overcome Them)

Navigating your way as a lesbian into the dating scene – especially when you just came out – can be a tad challenging, and overcoming these obstacles is not easy. Lesbian relationships don’t have a good number of ideals to compare, unlike straight relationships. Most relationship advice you are going to find, are usually from a heterosexual perspective of people who just want to fuq tonight.

You would think coming out to loved ones would be the greatest challenge you would ever have to overcome. But it is not. There are many challenges you will face when you start dating, some are quite daunting, and others you can live with. Either way, you are in for one hell of a show.         

Challenges You Might Encounter

Indecisive Partners

When it comes to relationships in general, infidelity is usually a trend irrespective of the dynamic – straight, gay, and everything in between. But the most heart-breaking part is dating and falling for a woman who is experimenting – a woman still trying to figure out her sexuality – at your own expense. 

If you are just entering the dating scene, chances are you would encounter women with this MO. They would leave you high and dry and take the next train to boner town, as though what you shared meant nothing.

Take your time when you first start dating. Of course, your feelings are valid, but they have to be controlled. It can be hurtful when this happens, but everything is temporary, and you will get over it.

Being Overly Clingy and Lingering

New relationships can be very intoxicating. You are all up in each other’s business. You can’t stand being away from each other – smiling and giggling at every chance you get. 

The truth is, you feel this way because of a hormone “yours truly” releases. It is called oxytocin and is also known as the cuddle hormone. It makes you feel like you are high on love, teetering on the brink sanity. Meanwhile, all you did was have good sex. 

You have to pump the breaks because connections like these can be very volatile. They require space for growth. Set boundaries, keep other appointments, and don’t blow off your other friends for your partner. Have a sense of self and your relationship will keep flourishing.

No Effective Communication

Conflict is a constant factor in any relationship. It is not a matter of if they will arise, it is a matter of when they will arise. So you and your partner need a contingency plan for when you have a misunderstanding and how it will be dealt with. 

Ensure you use your words to express your feelings in a non-threatening manner. Do you always have to be right? Make an effort not to peel the scab off old wounds, by bringing up past issues. 

Your partner is not a mind reader and is just as sensitive as you. So you must translate your expectations as plainly as possible to avoid misunderstanding.

In general, being in a lesbian relation has its ups and downs because women are emotional and very crucial by nature. To be satisfied with your relationship, you have to make a conscious effort.